Moment of truth, everyone–dressing up during finals is no easy task. Often times, even the most fabulous of Fashionistas/os have difficulty finding motivation to dress up when the stress of schoolwork is constantly looming about. It’s certainly not an easy dilemma for us students, but thankfully, there are some stylish individuals out there who show us how to do it just right. So fear not, my friends, fashion no longer has to be sacrificed during finals!

A printed dress is by far the easiest way to look fabulous without a fret. It takes the work out of the typical dress up routine, whether it be deciding what pairs well with what, what shirt matches which skirt and so on. Simply slip one on, and you’ve got yourself a full outfit all ready to go! This Fashionista shows us how to do just that by rocking a black and white striped sleeveless dress, sandals with a metallic touch, sleek sunglasses and a black tote bag. This look is simple, chic and structured. Whether played up or on its own, this lovely dress is perfect for those warm, summer days out and certainly perfect for when you want to look stylish in a second. As for the sandals, rocking a neutral ensemble with hints of metallic detail easily adds flare to an outfit in a way that isn’t too flashy or obnoxious. A pop of red nail polish brings in a chic splash of color to the outfit, and killer sunglasses complete the look.

Schoolwork getting in the way of style is no mystery for us students. After all, it’s easy to assume that finals week automatically translates to living in our pajamas and wearing the same stained shirt for three days in a row. Easy pieces such as the ones featured here, however, are perfect for keeping things fashionable even in the face of a strenuous schedule. Throw them on and you’ve got yourself a look that’s hassle-free, easy to assemble and, most certainly, on point. Who knew finals could be so fabulous?

One Simple Change: Throw on a leather jacket and some sleek heels to easily transition this look from finals attire to a girl’s night out!