Hello there, Fashionistaa/os! This is the end of the academic semester here in Colombia. Most people forget about what they are wearing when frightening tests are looming over their heads, so style may not seem to take precedence during this time. Finals week is a terrifying thing and as the semester comes to a close, we’re also beginning to pack up our clothes to get ready for summer. But before we can leave, we have to face a vast, horrifying task at hand: finals week.

In order to get through this stressful week in style (and comfortably, I might add), I found the perfect example of what to wear for finals. This Fashionista is a fashion design student at my university. She is wearing a floral T-shirt, a perfect piece to transition into summer, some black knee-high boots, a black pair of leggings and a little purse with gold details. My style advice for this type of look is to make sure that you are confortable at any time, because you never know how long your finals will be. Even if is cold outside this look would keep you warm at any time.

This look is perfect not only for enduring finals, but also for going out the day after a test is completed. She doesn’t need anything to be more chic; the gold details in the boots and purse make this look more classy and are more wearable to go on a date in the evening.

One Simple Change: Just finished your last test and you want to hang out with your boyfriend or friends and look chic? Just try adding a black blazer to complete the look. This will give you the final chic touches you need for the night.