Finals fashion is in full force. Whether these Fashionistas are laying out in the middle of the quad or hiding in the nooks and crannies of the library, their fashion is on point. A common style noticeable across campus is athletic meets NYC chic.

Sport style has become all the rage, evolving from oversize T-shirts to skin tight styles that show off every curve. Lululemon’s array of leggings provide a tremendous variety for all personalities. This Fashionista is sporting hot pink and purple splattered leggings that hug her legs in the most flattering way. The cropped length is a perfect transition piece providing just the right amount of coverage and gym comfort.

Before heading to the gym make sure you grab your reflector hater blockers to help you avoid any long unwanted conversations. The loose Nike tank top is a standard piece that is perfect for post-gym cool downs since the cotton and nylon material breathes. It is a great layering piece to keep on after you throw on your sweatshirt for the cold library. The style is super flattering proving an A-line style flaring out on the sides to cover any handles that have a little too much love.

Her sneakers are the newest Nike sneakers, their colors coordinate with her leggings and help to tie in the pink and purple shades. The Air Max insoles provide pep in her step and a glide in her stride, accelerating her through her next mile and exam.

One Simple Change: Finals fashion can be simply transformed into weekend wear. Throw on a cute jean jacket and change your athletic sneakers into your new trendy slides.