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May 4th, 2015 at 2:05am

Finals week is definitely the most emotional week in college. From exams that can make or break your GPA, to saying goodbye to friends to the excitement of summer being just moments away, there is a lot going on. It is important that even though you may feel stressed, you have to be well dressed! Dressing up always increases performance throughout daily tasks and finals week is not an exception.

This look has such a great blend of neutrals to wear out on a cloudy and chilly day. While springtime may be here, sometimes Mother Nature can get confused and forget to raise the temperature. I always find it important to match your color palette to the weather forecast when planning your daily outfit. A cloudier day called for the black floppy hat and a crop top, which had a great springtime feel. My favorite part about this look is how well she was able to blend winter and spring layers and pull it off well. Whether you are picking out an outfit for winter or spring, having a closet with garments that are wearable more than one season can definitely pay off. Neutrals are also something that is a necessity to every closet. Solid tops can feel like a waste of money when purchasing them, but when you are in need of a black top, it comes in handy.

One Simple Change: Considering all of the finals, there might be a presentation involved. If there is a presentation you are involved in, it is always important to dress the part. Changing the crop top into a button-down or cute blouse will look great for what you will be presenting.