For all of us on the quarter system, finals week hits three times a year (four, if you stick around for summer). That’s triple the academic pressure. As week 10 segues into winter finals, the sweatpants and Nike temptation climaxes. Wouldn’t you want to finish off that linguistics essay in a pair of Pink leggings? I know I would! But now more than ever, it is important to put together an outfit that both mentally and physically prepares you to ace your schoolwork. Set the wunder unders aside and slide into a pair of chinos to channel your inner prep.

I discovered this lovely Fashionista in the midst of a long, hot walk back from the library. Her casual coolness was contagious and somehow, despite the ninety degree temperature, she maintained a bright, refreshing disposition. Dressed in boyfriend jeans, strappy sandals and a loose knit, how could she not? Finals requires hours of sitting in crammed, air conditioned classrooms, elbow to elbow with your neighbors. Ensure a comfortable testing session with an airy top like her sleeveless orange tank. On the bottom, her jeans are a perfect, sunny staple and with a simple cuff and slight distressing, onlookers get a glimpse of her envy-worthy footwear. When school has you down, throw on a fresh coat of a spring polish, and flaunt your decorated toes in sandals like hers. A self-pedicure is a fabulous reward after hours of reviewing.

The last week of the quarter or semester is hectic without a fashion mishap. Avoid complications while you concentrate on snagging that A. However, like this Fashionista demonstrates, there is no need to sacrifice looking nice for your exams. Although I encourage putting effort into your outfit before you hit the books, I, myself, will often throw my hair into a bun to avoid further hassle. She goes the extra mile with her beautiful blow out, setting the beauty bar high. Do the same and maybe you’ll snag that cutie’s number in section that you’ve had your eye on all year. Anything is possible when you look and feel great!

One Simple Change: It worked and you scored some digits? Throw on a fitted blazer and some Alex and Ani bracelets to transition to date night.