Required textbook reading can be harsh; the amount of pages to read can be a lot and it’s worse if it’s a subject you have zero interest in. But with finals over after this week, I hope to get back to books I’ve been meaning to finish reading. One of those books is called How to be Parisian Wherever You Are (a book that has been featured on many Instagram pictures of stylish desktops and coffee tables). Last week on CollegeFashionista, there was a feature article that talked about five stylish ways to be a Parisian. This got me thinking about the Parisian style and how it has an ease and effortlessness to it.

This week’s Fashionista shows us how to do classics the right way. Her outfit begins with a classic white V-neck T-shirt and a staple black moto jacket on top. A pair of black skinnies and white Converse finish this simple look. As for accessories, the Fashionista wears a simple gold pendant, which has an initial and a small pearl drop.

Since the last couple days of the quarter are always hectic, you need something that can take you through study days and finals. This Fashionista’s outfit has those simple and chic Parisian elements that also work for a day full of errands and classes. The outfit contains key Parisian items like a white T-shirt along with a black moto jacket. Another thing that I noticed a lot during my time in Europe was the popularity of Converse. So for finals week, choose something inspired by Paris.

One Simple Change: Thinking about heading out for a date night afterward? Switch out the skinny jeans and Converse for a skirt and heels.