As we all know the last couple days before Christmas break have strategically been set up to also be the most difficult week of semester. I have a feeling, universities wanted to make us a bit miserable before we left for 3 weeks. Regardless of my theories, finals week happens to all of us. We have late nights and early mornings, which wouldn’t be bad if the late nights were enjoyable. However to lift up your spirits and boost your confidence, you can look your best before heading to the next test.

This Fashionista kept her look simple. She’s wearing a grey maxi skirt, a blue crop top, a statement piece and jelly shoes. The key to this look is its simplicity; it won’t take long for you to put together. To get this look, check out this top I found from Topshop. It’s thick, so if you live in a state other than Florida you will be warm on your way to your exam. For the maxi skirt, there are all types of style. I love this one from ASOS because the knotted detail adds a bit more style to such a simple look. This Fashionista is wearing a pair of jelly flats similar to these from Bloomingdales; however if you want to be slightly edgy and daring you could try these shoes from Zumiez. Now I recommend some type of sweater with this look. Unlike the rest of the United States, Florida rarely has the usual winter weather. So for this look, I think a nice leather jacket from Urban Outfitters would to the trick.

One Simple Change: This outfit is easy to transform into one appropriate for a girl’s night out!. I recommend adding your favorite pair of black heels to complete the look. And maybe do up your makeup for a dramatic look.