WHAT TO WEAR: Fifty Shades of Black

We’ve all heard the phrases at one point or another. The phrases being, “I only wear black,” “I have nothing else but black,” and “literally my entire closet is black.” For some of these people, it’s because they enjoy the “emo” aesthetic or are going through a “phase.” For others, black is simply just their favorite color, so buying things in black is second nature to them.

I definitely used to question whether or not these statements could actually be true. How could someone really only wear black and make an entire monochrome outfit? And why black, if it’s such a depressing, dark color? But then I came to college and met this Fashionista who helped answer all my questions and opened my eyes to a whole new, monochrome world.

This Fashionista’s day-to-day outfit typically consists of as much black as possible, and she looks absolutely fabulous. Black, I found, looks good on everyone, and it can build upon any color, including more shades of black. It’s a color for any season, any article of clothing, and any person. It helps to boost one’s confidence and can be an entire outfit without being intimidating. Here, this Fashionista paired a black tank crop top with a pair of black ripped jeans. Since it’s still a little chilly here in Los Angeles, she threw a light black zippered jacket over top, but kept the spirit of sunny and warm LA alive with her pair of black Birkenstocks. To complete the look and add just as much black as possible, she wore a dark lip color which made the outfit really pop. This Fashionista proves that all black isn’t so bad but in fact is very beautiful, no matter who you are. And that, mom, it isn’t a phase.