WHAT TO WEAR: Festival

August 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

As the remaining days of summer are dwindling down, there is one last thing to fit into college students’ schedules—attending a music festival. Music and fashion go hand in hand. Express yourself through your outfits while listening to some of your favorite musicians. Whether you’re going to a large music festival such as Lollapalooza or a small local one, dress your best.

For Lollapalooza, this Fashionista paired her purple strappy bodysuit from PacSun with a pair of high-waisted denim ripped shorts from Topshop. Her purple and blue glittering chunky necklace, also from Topshop, served as the centerpiece to her outfit. She kept her shoes simple. These H&M leather white tennis shoes are perfect for festivals. They provide the perfect comfort and are quite inexpensive. Don’t forget one of the most important accessories, sunglasses. These round sunglasses can be found at local boutiques or Forever 21. Any shape sunglasses would do with this outfit. Overall, she went for a color-block look when she topped her outfit off with a turquoise leather backpack.

Glitter, glitter, glitter. Don’t shake the glitter off your clothes now. Festivals are the greatest excuse to apply all different colors of glitter to accessorize your outfit. Although you may not see it clearly, this Fashionista is all glittered-up.

It is important to be comfortable but at the same time fashionable at music festivals and this Fashionista did just that. Remember to express yourself through your outfit at the next music festival you attend.

One Simple Change: Want something more simple? Change this outfit to weekend wear by throwing on a v-neck t-shirt and ditching the necklace and you will be ready to walk in the city.