WHAT TO WEAR: Fashion Abroad

For many college students, traveling abroad is an amazing experience. I have been told so many times to travel when you are in college, especially when there are programs offering you to so many opportunities to travel to many countries and possibly earn course credits. Also, traveling is something that you may have to save up for in your later adult life just to do, so why not experience it now. Another bonus of traveling abroad is getting to experience new food, new sightings, and new fashion trends.

This Fashionista is studying abroad in London, England this spring semester and she is prepared to really rock out. She is wearing an olive green poncho, something that is perfect for walking around London town in the chilly breeze. It also provides a fashion statement of sleekness and will make any this Fashionista stand out to those oh-so-cute London boys. The pop of red you see under her poncho is a simple cardigan shirt that can be worn with any fashion piece, which is why simplicity works miracles. Also, red with green works very well as a winter color. This is why I love to wear anything that’s red because it can turn even a plain gray top (such as a sweater) and make it into something eye-catching. Fashionistas who go to college up north know how much of a pain it is to try to wear something cute, but then realize it’s like 20 degrees outside. So red is definitely a recommendation to wear this season.

Winter is the official season of boots, boots, and more boots, but why not switch it up? Our Fashionista is wearing some stylish booties with knit prints by Khombu. The are very comfortable to wear and are something new to try if you are getting tired of wearing your same old high top boots. Also, some great beauty/hair products our Fashionista uses abroad are L’Oréal and Influenster, guaranteed to make you look fabulous anywhere you travel!