WHAT TO WEAR: Fancy First Day of Class

There is no better way to kick off a new semester on the right foot than by going to the first day of classes in your best attire. The first day is an opportunity to start fresh with new professors and classmates, so it is always good to be feeling and looking your best. This Fashionisto chose to don his best suit on the first Monday of the spring semester in order to get back in the zone and routine of school after a relaxing winter break.

He’s keeping his look timeless, fancy, and classy by sporting a black suit with a black Nike backpack and black dress shoes. He even pulled out his favorite black and blue patterned tie for the occasion. To complete the look and complement the tie, he is wearing a light blue button-down dress shirt under his suit. And, he used a little bit of extra hold hairspray to achieve a more polished hairstyle and to ensure his look stays frizz-free for classes.

Sporting a comfortable look to class is never a bad way to go, but there is also nothing wrong with choosing a more formal outfit once in a while. Looking professional is a great way to show new professors that you are serious about their classes, as well as your own education and future. Never be afraid to go all out for the first day of classes; sometimes fashion is all about making a statement! Make sure that first impression is one to be remembered (in the best way) by taking some tips from this dapper Fashionisto.