WHAT TO WEAR: Falling Into the Season

It is here, the season that we have all been waiting for! Fall has come out of its hibernation and it is now a time where we can bring out those cute long sleeves from the bottom of our drawers and pair them up with some trendy shorts. The leaves on the trees are beginning to change and so are the tones in our closets. New York City is beginning to feel that cool autumn breeze in the air, but summer weather has been gradually coming back to say hello. It is safe to say that we are all trying to find the perfect balance of layers these days.

This week I came across this Fashionista flawlessly showing off her spirit of autumn weather. She is rocking an orange knit sweater, denim high rise shorts, white high-top Converse, colorful crafted earrings and an oversized tote bag. She was obviously feeling the fall colors! Not only is this look easy to pull off, but it is the perfect balance for NYC’s unexpected climate changes. When wearing a long sleeve, you can easily adjust the sleeves to the weather! It’s a perfect outfit for walking to class, you will never be too hot or cold, and you can start incorporating those golden autumn colors to your ensemble. Also, what better excuse then now to start finding more sweaters to add to your collection!

It’s easy to get flustered in the morning by trying to figure out what to wear. Well, now you have the look for any of those doubtful days. Just think simple, comfortable and be playful with these seasonal colors.