WHAT TO WEAR: Fallen for Florals

The first few weeks of class is enough to send many screaming. Through the facade of an “easy syllabus week” is the truth of first-day lectures and having to introduce yourself in front of an entirely new class. God help you if you don’t know anyone in the class and you need to find a study buddy in a huge lecture hall. At this point, what to wear is probably the last thing on your mind—especially if it’s South Florida, where you can wear the same outfits year-round and never be cold.

So how do you stand out while being comfortable enough to deal with the stress of thinking of “one fun fact about yourself?”

This Fashionista flawlessly melded neutral winter colors and florals with business-casual accessories and shoes to still give her that sophisticated look. She paired these black chunky heels with a loose fitted tank top and a floral skirt. She complemented her outfit with neatly braided hair and some subtle makeup. An outfit like this is perfect for staying cool in 70-degree weather while still fitting the fall/winter vibe. It’s also modest enough to be professional while still looking young and modern—the last thing you want is to look too professional and risk looking like the professor.

The most important part of an outfit during this pivotal first few weeks of class is to be comfortable and classy. Being stuffed into too-tight jeans and/or too-high shoes is just going to make you wobble and look like a baby giraffe in front of the hottie in the third row. Instead, opt for flowy and flirty pieces and comfortable shoes, perfect for sprinting across campus in the 15 minutes you gave yourself believing you could make it.

Good luck beauties! I’d love to say to stay warm, but in my case, stay cool! Until next time!