WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Weekend

It’s no secret that fall and fashion go hand in hand. There’s something so refreshing about fall wardrobes and all the possibilities that come with the season. The layering, warm accessories, jackets and boots provide so many possible combinations to look great and still stay warm. Fall is perfect for classics—looking put together in an effortless way but still cozy so you can comfortably and practically complete any of the tasks your fall weekend might consist of.

This outfit is the embodiment of fall—the perfect mix of comfort, warmth, classic and prep. The base of his outfit is a pair of dark brown corduroys, which are stylish and provide comfort and warmth for the chilly fall weather. You can find a similar pair of quality corduroy pants from Polo Ralph Lauren. On top, he wears a striped oxford button-down, like this one from Brook’s Brothers, underneath a classic navy, V-neck sweater. For a little added warmth, he paired this all with a beige vest. The layering of his outfit helps give it a dynamic look that doesn’t take much effort on his part. The layering also serves as a way to be cozy. To finish off the look, he wears a pair of light brown loafers, like these from Cole Haan, and to give the look a casual, sporty feel, he wears a grayish-green fishing baseball cap.

This is the perfect example of what to wear when you’re out and about during a nice fall weekend. It’s casual and comfortable yet classic and sophisticated. It’s practical for any fall activity, and it still has the ability to turn a couple heads.