WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Weekend Wear

The leaves are turning from their brilliant green color to the red, orange and yellow of autumn. Lazy summer days are replaced by the colder days of classes, internship hunting and project deadlines. What better way to relieve stress than to spend some time with friends or relax at an on-campus job?

I caught this Fashionisto as he was leaving work at our school’s performing arts center. A third year New York City native with a certain je ne sais quoi, he conveys this attitude with his heavy leather boots—vintage Doc Martens—and jeans rolled up seemingly as an afterthought. This outfit is the perfect go-to for a crisp fall day. Casual yet cool and relaxed yet put together, this combination works best for a low-key weekend. Soft fabrics are emphasized as he layers a warm utilitarian jacket over a striped button-down.  This is the ideal compromise in a place where fall temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. Of course fit is everything—from the dark skinny jeans to the relaxed cut flannel shirt we are reminded that having balance truly is the key to success.

This Fashionisto’s own laid back laissez-fair style is epitomized in the casually styled unbuttoned shirt.  Influenced by his experience in the music and entertainment industry, his style is eclectic and unorthodox in a way that works.  To recreate this casual look choose items that are as functional as they are detail oriented. Pay a visit to some of his favorite New York vintage stores, including L Train Vintage and Beacon’s Closet.  In his words, “Highly recommend.”