WHAT TO WEAR: Fall Mornings

Welcome to fall, Fashionistas!

My absolute favorite thing about fall weather is the ability to mix both hot and cold weather clothing. It’s that one time of the year when you can comfortably wear a knit sweater, mini skirt and boots without freezing or completely burning up. This Fashionista took advantage of this by wearing pieces that work for different types of weather.
Yes, fashion is still stuck in the ’70s for the fall season. I think fall naturally has a ’70s vibe to it because of the frequent earthy, warm tones. I personally tend to reach for the typical fall colors: mustard yellow, deep burgundy, mauve and vibrant red. The warm tones in this look are definitely satisfying those classic autumn colors. This outfit also strongly inhibits the continuation of the “feel good decade.”
This look screams everything I love about fall fashion. Turtlenecks were, and continue to be, trending on and off the runway. We’ve seen it in Alexander Wang, Versace, Proenza Schouler, Acne and Fendi. This body hugging striped dress gives just enough interest, while still keeping the look sophisticated. It’s also super comfortable for those lazy fall mornings because the material is soft and light. Pairing the form fitting dress with a crimson duster cardigan creates more dimension and a variety of textures. The layer of the fabrics, different textures and rustic colors give it that charming vibe. This Fashionista decided to dress it up by throwing on a pair of thick heeled, nude, mesh booties. This outfit overall is the perfect thing to throw on for those unpredictable fall mornings because it’s comfy but looks put together.