Summer is coming to a close (thank goodness). All of those insanely girly pastels and their pairings with jean shorts you probably bought from Hollister Co. back in high school are over. Who wears jean shorts anymore? I had to force myself to buy some (not from Hollister Co.) because leggings have taken over my life. However, that was summer. Now, it’s fall. As we travel through August our style choices must change, they just have to!

This Fashionista is embracing our good friend fall with some dark colors. This darker look has such an attitude to it which is something highly recommended for this season. Plus, skirts are a must have for fall since rompers and dresses will fade away from your everyday look. Skirts have the power to be matched with anything! And when you keep your outfit dark, you have the choice to stay loyal to one color or switch in some burgundy or dark green!

Don’t forget some good, delicate statement pieces. Chokers are great to wear for deep scoop neck shirts like this one featured above. And are boots even a question? If you don’t have a cute pair of booties for the rest of the year, please go buy some! This is your sign! They are so easy to style and pull they together so many different outfits you already have in your closet.

Fall brings so many cuts and colors to the fashion game. Make sure you embrace them and swap out your brighter, summer and spring wardrobe necessities.

One Simple Change: When you start to hit cold weather, wear a long sleeve shirt as well as tights under your skirt! Even by throwing a jacket on top, the look will be brought together fabulously.