November 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Atlanta has been going through some roller coaster weather this fall that has thrown our local Fashionistas for a loop. Sweaters, cardigans, opaque tights and boots remain packed away in closets as we await cooler days where we can bust out our favorite autumn pieces. In the meantime, people like this Fashionista have been finding ways to stay cool during these hot fall months while still staying true to the season’s style. From her leather purse and jacket to her baby pink tennis shoes and sunglasses, this Fashionista’s look is the epitome of southern autumn fashion.

While a striped bodycon dress is generally considered more of a summertime piece, the way it is accessorized can really transform its overall look. The use of leather really drives home the autumn feel of the outfit. Layering a classic black leather jacket over a dress is not only an easy way to give it an edge, but it gives the outfit an overall warmer feel. It’s a staple piece that every Fashionista should have in their autumn wardrobe.

In addition to the leather pieces, this Fashionista also made her outfit fall ready by wearing  pink tennis shoes. This shoe keeps the outfit from becoming too dressy which makes the overall look a great choice to wear to class or study in the library. This Fashionista completes the look with a pair of light pink sunglasses and they tie her entire outfit together.

Get inspired by this look and wear a jacket like this Fashionista did or embellish it with some darker pieces like a choker necklace or chunky sneakers