As daylight savings approaches, this Fashionisto has a head start falling back into style. While visiting Florida, he brings a little bit of Texas along with him in the form of boots. Everyone knows that fall requires at least one pair of boots to kick off the season, and in Texas, well… it’s an everyday essential.

Crunching leaves in the chilly and rainy autumn days is the main reason why this Fashionisto decided to rock his rad Franco Fortini boots and pair them with some contrasting pieces. His maroon chinos bring out the plaid in his boots, which have subtle maroon lines. While his hunter green Levi’s jacket amplifies the fall vibes of the look, it is light enough to wear even in the Sunshine State. His choice to wear a long gray T-shirt adds depth and dimension to the high hem of his jacket. 

His outfit would not be complete without some essential fall accessories. Beanies, beanies, beanies! You can never go wrong with them. This Fashionisto made the right decision to use a black beanie because it accentuates the black buttons of his jacket and his black glasses. Lastly, one of my favorite pieces of this look is his silver branch bracelet. The accessory adds just the right amount of personality and completes the look without being too flashy.

If this Fashionisto continues to rock this style, he is sure to make a statement this fall season, whether he is in Florida or his home state of Texas.