Fall has arrived and everyone­­, at least every Fashionista, is super excited! Time to bring out those go-to booties and super cute sweaters we have all been dying to wear since we got them.

While everyone is not quite finished preparing for the seasonal change, this Fashionista has decided to strut her stuff in a rather unique fall look. Skirts are definitely on trend this season, especially the button down style. However, instead of wearing the usual short, and often denim button down skirt—which is also so adorable—this Fashionista opted for a long skirt.

The earth-toned olive skirt is indeed the focus of this ensemble, but each additional piece brings a different aspect of fall flavor to the outfit as a whole. The black, light turtleneck is perfect for combating the chilly fall weather without having to compromise your fashion choices.

With simply just the shirt and skirt, this Fashionista would have already been rocking a bomb fall look! But instead, she took it a step further and added black heeled combat boots and complemented this with high black socks. This took the outfit from flirty to grungy. Grunge fashion is probably one of my favorite parts of fall because there is always a way to fit it into your outfit and add a bit more edge than usual.

This Fashionista is also giving off a rather vintage vibe, which is mostly due to her round, clear, gold frame glasses and curly fro. Her dark, yet nude, lip color is the perfect cherry on top of this great fall ensemble. This Fashionista is definitely ready for a great fall fashion season!