Nothing says “I refuse to admit that summer is over” quite like wearing a crochet halter top in the fall. But with the right pieces, this airy, knitted tank can look good during all seasons. This Fashionista brings some beachy vibes to North Philly by pairing the halter top with mom jeans, Vans and a vintage Champion sweatshirt. The ending look is effortless and comfortable

It’s practically common knowledge that clothing is most comfortable once broken in. The benefit of used clothing is that they’ve already been broken in by their previous owner, and all you have to do is enjoy the softened sweatshirt and lack of stiffness in your jeans. When the desire to attend classes in the pajamas you slept in is almost too strong, put on your trusty mom jeans. You’ll feel practically the same comfort level, but no one has to know that. Similarly, wearing a crochet top is just as comfortable since you’ll be braless.

In pursuit of an endless summer, this Fashionista wears articles of clothing normally labeled as summer attire all throughout the year. But the age in which “white pants cannot be worn after labor day” is over. Millennials couldn’t care less about outdated style rules instilled by our parents and grandparents. We know that when we put good vibes out, we simultaneously get good vibes in. This not only applies to our interactions with other humans, but in how we express ourselves. Choose to give old social constructs of fashion the cold, crochet-topped shoulder!