Even though we haven’t had the cold weather for long just yet, fall has finally hit. While it is not cold enough for heavy coats, we are in the seasons where we want to bundle up. Fall is the in between time of chilly yet warm days. This calls for layers!

Start your classic fall outfit with a lightweight utility jacket. Even though this jacket will keep you warm and comfortable outdoors, it won’t keep you over-heated. Wearing a loose long-sleeve sweater underneath makes it easy for you to take off the jacket when going indoors without changing the warm, casual vibe of the outfit. Now to make this a fall statement look, add a blanket scarf for those extra chilly days. This gives the outfit an extra pop with the pattern of the scarf added to your solid colored jacket and sweater. Lastly, ankle boots dress up the casual outfit and make it a chic fall day look.

One Simple Change: The great thing about this outfit is all of the pieces are staple items. They can be worn in a variety of ways, seasons, and occasions. While this outfit is styled for a fall day, it can seamlessly transition to a winter day setting. To make the transition, change the utility jacket to a wool-blended down coat. This helps give you that extra warmth on those bitter winter days. Next, change your ankle-length boots to a taller, wool-lined boot to give you that extra warmth on your feet! This boot is stylish yet keeps you warm in the winter time, so it doesn’t take away from the Fashionista’s look!