November 30th, 2015 at 2:10am

The Communications Building at Cleveland State University, where I hold my on-campus job, does this weird thing when fall rolls around. Tree branches grow right along the completely flat wall of the four-story building. Ground to rooftop, the architecture becomes one with nature, it seems like. And, as the season progresses and the leaves change colors, the building looks as though it’s wearing slightly different colors everyday. It’s quite the spectacle that I admire.

Last month I found a Fashionisto that displayed his unswaying style in a flood of trends. Today, I want to introduce to you a Fashionista that embodies the fall season in her entirety. Pictures were taken in front of my favorite building on campus during fall.

The Fashionista has fair skin and blonde hair before she even begins the game, an advantage with which she is born. However, all that naturally given upper hand would mean nothing if she didn’t know how to utilize them. Thankfully, she does.

For her top, the Fashionista chose an ivory color that has a softer hue than her skin tone to allow the eye to focus somewhere else on the outfit and, more importantly, to give enough space for her accessories, hair and face. The lightness of the fabric adds a sense of freedom, and the drape adds elegance to her look, as well.

The burgundy jeans are optimal for the season. The comfortable fit would be the only thing to watch out for, and our Fashionista seemed very comfortable indeed during our meet.

I would label the cowboy boots as the pointer item of the Fashionista. Color is no different from any other pair, but they serve an unusual purpose with her; they act as a point of unbalance.

The lightness of the blouse and her short haircut suggest a bubbly personality. Her classic pearl necklace and the elegant drape of the blouse shout that the Fashionista also knows how to incorporate class into any outfit. The boots, however, are universally known for high energy and assertiveness. Furthermore, they come right up to the knees of the Fashionista, cutting the outfit in perfect thirds.

Despite seemingly many discrepancies with the boots to the rest of the outfit, they work well and pass off as a unique type of unbalance. With the jeans she’s wearing, the Fashionista already stated that this outfit wouldn’t be totally formal, and the boots only amplify that statement.

I have nothing to say about the colors because they are just perfect for fall.

One Simple Change: Take off the pearls and put on a black leather jacket to get a biker look. Without changing the top, a skirt and heels would permit entrance to any formal event. The blouse truly is a versatile starting point and a whole outfit in itself. It’s up to you to come up with your own feeling!