November 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer has come and gone. We are approaching winter, but before we get to the almost unbearably cold weather conditions, we can enjoy the falling leaves and cooler temperatures. Going to school at SIU in the fall is such a great place to be; there is beautiful scenery and we are located close enough to the southern states that the weather is comfortably cool.

As I was walking through the falling leaves, this Fashionista stood out. She was wearing a black V-neck top, green pants and a purple jacket paired with black gym shoes. The color combination is brilliant. Normally, I am all for black on black with a touch of gray, but I like the color-blocking of the pants and jacket. No outfit is ever complete without accessories; she finished off the outfit with a simple black belt and a rose gold Michael Kors watch.

This outfit works for the season in a few ways. For starters, the colors in her outfit, which consist of deeper shades of green and purple, work nicely with the season; fall is usually the time to wear dark apparel and deeper colors. Along with the color, the fur material on the jacket is perfect for the season. I have seen fur stoles make a comeback on the runway this season, so it fits right along with the trend.

One Simple Change: With a few quick changes this casual fall ensemble can be turned into a date night outfit. Keep the jacket and top and swap the pants for a midi flared skirt and change out the gym shoes for a closed toe ankle bootie. With these few changes, your date is sure to be impressed.