As we’re nearing the end of the fall semester and anxiously awaiting the holidays, preparing for finals can leave anyone in a fashion rut. Late nights in the libraries and binging on caramel macchiatos (double shot of espresso, please!) doesn’t leave much time for beauty sleep and outfit planning. Does school have your fall fashion senses out of whack? Keep reading for a quick fix.

It’s that awkward time of year where mother nature can’t decide if she wants to freeze us out or keep the air a little crisper than usual. This Fashionista’s outfit is prepared for whatever fall weather is thrown her way. Her outfit is timeless, and I can almost guarantee you can achieve a similar look with items in your closet.

Color-blocking is such a nice trend for the fall, and this Fashionista’s navy and emerald sweater showcases that trend perfectly. Color-blocking involves taking complementary colors and placing them into different pieces in an outfit. The key to color-blocking is sticking within a certain color tone. If you feel like color-blocking a rich ruby red, make sure you color-block with other jewel tone pieces. The same applies to earth tones. And what’s a perfect fall outfit without some skinny jeans and booties? This Fashionista’s neutral booties keep the attention on her bold, striped sweater. Finally, this fashionista added a little more color-blocking with her royal blue Michael Kors purse.

One Simple Change: Anticipating colder weather when you’re home for the holidays? Grab a leather jacket to throw over your sweater of choice. Don’t forget a sleek pair of riding boots to polish off those skinny jeans!