November 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

Each year around this time, I am actually happy with Houston’s weather. Instead of intense humidity and the sun baring down on me, there is a nice breeze in the air, not too hot and not too cold. While all of my Fashionista/o’s up north have been able to rock hoodies and sweaters lately, I have been in short sleeves up until this past week. So it makes me happy to announce that here in Houston, fall has finally arrived!

My favorite thing about fall is the fashion—I mean, who doesn’t love wearing thin layers? It is an easy way to combine lots of statement pieces into one outfit and represent what your true style is. For example, this Fashionista is rocking a killer black and white vest layered on top of a simple blue button-down.

Although I wouldn’t normally consider this combination, when paired together the two pieces complement each other extremely well. With some black jeans and the most amazing gold and black boots, this Fashionista has made herself the queen of effortless and chic fall style. Overall, fall is a very versatile season when it comes to your style; whether you are ultra-preppy or extremely grungy, this is a great season to show off your awesome style.

One Simple Change: The cold is coming, the cold is coming! Winter is just around the corner and don’t let your fun style disappear just because the temperature is dropping. Find a warm and comfortable coat that represents your style and make it an effortless layer for those chilly days.