November 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Ah fall, the time of year where the leaves radiate magnificent colors and it becomes socially acceptable to obsess over anything pumpkin flavored. As we wind down to the end of November, Fall fashion has officially settled in. Girls trade their shorts and tank tops for jeans and comfy sweaters. Iced coffee becomes pumpkin spice lattes. And lying out by the pool turns into cozying up next to the fireplace.

Leather apparel has dominated this season’s fashion ranging from leather jackets, leather boots, skirts, and even shorts. Leather has become such a staple in fall fashion and gives off an edgier look. This Fashionista takes leather to a whole new level. She is decked out in leather Dr. Martens, a leather skater skirt and a motorcycle jacket to top it all off. At first, this much material can seem a bit overwhelming, but this Fashionista makes it look effortless and cohesive. She combined the flowy texture of the black skater skirt with the rigid maroon motorcycle jacket with another pop of color in her boots. Underneath it all, she wore a relaxed striped turtleneck and sheer black tights. Her delicate earrings add a subtle touch of sparkle to this edgy look. This outfit is perfect for the fall season because it keeps you warm while looking cool. It blends all the hottest trends: leather, maroon and the latest fad: turtlenecks!

One Simple Change: Ready for a night out on the town? Transform this look by switching the turtleneck for a crop top, the boots for booties and adding some makeup. There you go! With just a couple easy switches, you’ve gone from everyday wear to ready for a night out.