November 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, finding ways to stay warm AND look fashionable can be a real struggle. While it might be more than tempting to pull on some thick sweatpants and an oversized hoodie, dressing up during the chilly month of November can actually be quite fun! Want to wear a skirt? Then add some tights! Want to wear a top? Throw a dressy coat over it! The point is, there are several ways you can look trendy and feel cozy this November.

Our Fashionista shown here really loves to layer: she wears a gray turtleneck with a maroon skirt, layered with a plaid scarf and plaid coat. The gray and maroon color combination is a hot trend for this fall, as the light and dark colors complement each other really well. The turtleneck is also a great option for staying nice and warm while you’re frantically sprinting to class trying to escape the cold. This Fashionista doesn’t let the cold stop her from wearing her pleated skirts–all thanks to her excellent choice of wearing black tights. Tights are a great way to keep your legs warm while adding another color to the overall outfit.

Don’t forget about the finishing touches! This Fashionista’s multi-colored plaid coat adds a fun pop of color to the stark maroon and gray of her turtleneck and shirt–the red, yellow and green color combinations are as spunky as our Fashionista’s personality. Our Fashionista completes her look with simple gold earrings and black high-heeled booties. You have to look on point while strutting your stuff around campus, and these adorable short booties add the perfect touch. Bundle up with a thick plaid scarf like this Fashionista does and you’re ready to embrace the November cold!

One Simple Change: No skirt? No problem! Switch out the skirt and tights combo with a pair of dark leggings and go from dressy to casual in mere minutes!