November 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

I don’t know about you guys, but if I had the choice to never wear pants, I probably wouldn’t. I’m not referring to running around without pants in the streets of Florence, Italy now. I am advocating for pant substitutes, such as tights and leggings which can be worn in place of clingy, suffocating bottoms. These are great options because they can still keep you warm and comfortable all day. Also, these pieces can be paired with dresses or oversized fall sweaters to create a super cute look. Luckily, here in Florence, the fall weather is fairly mild so we don’t have wear those giant winter parkas and ruin any hope of looking trendy.

This Fashionista chose the ever classy color choice of black as the main color in her outfit. It is obvious this Fashionista also shares the same love for the “no pants” look because she chose to wear thigh-high socks in place of pants, and paired them with a simple black sweater dress. The thigh-high socks are a great choice because they give this ensemble a more unique and edgy look. In order to give her outfit a little pop of color, she chose a loose knit maroon cardigan, which complements her complexion and hair tone wonderfully. It is also an essential because it will keep her warm for when the temperatures cool down later in the day.

This Fashionista chose to throw on a black beanie, which adds to the overall edgy feel and warmth of her look. A staple to this outfit are her Dr. Martens black lace-up boots. These boots are perfect for fall weather because they provide warmth, comfort and they’re also waterproof for those unexpected torrential downpours. When it came to accessorizing, this Fashionista went with a simple, yet quirky necklace that says “meow.” Although the piece is small and subtle, it adds some character and fun to her outfit.

One Simple Change: If the weather gets colder, throw some tights under the knee-high socks and add an infinity scarf to the look to keep yourself warm.