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The transition from the hot season to the colder weather has diagnosed a majority of us with terminal case of “fashion block.” You will wake up to the bright sun, but the minute you walk outside, you are hit by the cold like a brick. So, this month, I am teaching you how to stay warm in the windy weather this season while still embracing your inner cool. Here we go!

Some of the most staple pieces that any Fashionista should have in her wardrobe are some long sleeve basics. What I mean by this is plain and simple tops that can keep you warm but at the same time are easy to dress up or dress down. These types of basics are essential to surviving this fall weather. Some of these include light and thin sweaters, cotton long sleeve tops, henleys and flannels. What makes these so vital to any wardrobe is their versatility and comfort level. These types of tops are so amazingly easy to style with a couple of accessories and can be worn an infinite amount of times to the point where you will not be accused of being an outfit repeater or Lizzie McGuire. So, I highly suggest that you invest in some serious thermals to keep you looking cute and hypothermia-free this fall. Also, they are great to layer with in the winter!!

This Fashionista did an fantastic job at styling her basic piece for an effortless yet chic look. She paired her cool toned flannel with some classic, destroyed black skinny jeans. She paired the top with a dainty, chain necklace to contrast the dark aesthetic of the look. She topped off the ensemble with some black, leather Chelsea boots and a black leather cross-body bag with gold hardware. Notice that she buttoned up her flannel all the way to the top and left her sleeves unrolled to keep herself as warm as possible. Also, she deserves a gold star for the dark ensemble, making this the perfect look for fall!

One Simple Change: Want to rock this same look in the winter? Grab a chunky, black scarf and throw on your favorite black beanie. Top off the look with a dark coat for some needed warmth, and you are good to go for the extreme cold!