Let’s face it, fall is definitely one of our more liked seasons for more reasons than just a pumpkin spice latte.  We have crisp air, shining sun and we’re able to wear some of our lighter winter-inspired outfits without completely packing away all our cute summer clothes. As college students, we want to maximize our closets to the fullest extent and there’s just no better season to do that than fall.

This Fashionista rocked the fall spirit with her outfit that is perfect for any day or night time occasion like going to get drinks with the girls, or eating out for a good brunch.  What first caught my eye about her look was her destroyed boyfriend jeans.  Boyfriend jeans are almost better than a real boyfriend, because you can almost always wear them to any occasion, or dress them up like our Fashionista did here. Her booties are a must-have staple for fall in any Fashionista’s closet, and are perfect to pair with any kind of jean or pants. These two items together with her cropped, white top make this look dressy and sleek.

The small details of the outfit scream trendy and fabulous by being her statement pieces.  Her sunglasses are perfect for a shining fall day, and can be worn any season.  The statement necklace is also a hot trend and gives a little antique flair to the outfit with the rustic silver coins.

At statement accessories to simple outfits to make them chic, versatile and fun!

One Simple Change:  Swapping the boyfriend jeans for high-waisted black pants, and the booties for nude strapped heels can make this dressy look into a formal, chic outfit!