Unfortunately, summer is long gone and our maxi dresses, wedges and bikinis have been temporarily replaced by cardigans, distressed jeans and booties. As the leaves fall, Fashionistas across the country have been eagerly living up to this “sweater weather.” Before the first snow touches campus and our beloved outfits are scrunched under down coats, many have been taking advantage of the crisp weather. One of these Fashionistas styled herself to perfection for a day of classes; layers, distressed jeans, booties and a stack of bracelets create a causal yet refined outfit that exemplifies the definition of fall fashion.

This Fashionista adores her JustFab jeans. For those of you who aren’t in on the clothes subscription business, JustFab sells clothes, shoes and accessories for members who get charged a fixed price once a month and then receive something special in the mail. Over these jeans, she added an Abercrombie and Fitch tunic, layered with an olive jacket. This Fashionista also loves to score deals; her Charlotte Russe scarf was five dollars and is versatile for every fall outfit. The booties are from Kohls, one of the only two department stores in her hometown. The bag is functional for classes and was a gift from her older sister who purchased it in Italy. The significant amount of bracelets on her wrist and her necklace also give her look a more personal touch. She has accumulated the bracelets over the years and her Kappa Alpha Theta necklace was a gift from her sister. “It’s fun to pinpoint where and when and how I got these pieces. It’s a cool reminder of where I’ve been and where I’m going,” she said.

For this Fashionista, layering is an absolute must in fall. “The scarf and the jacket are super comfortable to take on and off depending on how much the temperature changes throughout the day. It’s so easy to pull together an outfit like this—a great go-to for fall on a college campus!” she said. Proportion and balance were also crucial in the planning of this outfit. By balancing the longer tunic with more fitted jeans, she created the perfect fashion equilibrium.

One Simple Change: If you plan on meeting with a professor and want to professionalize the outfit, add a pocket shirt, swap the distressed jeans for a sleek pair of dark washed skinnies, ditch the jacket for a cropped blazer to update your look.