November 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

In my opinion, there are two perfect seasons: spring and fall. The reason for this is because they are the in-between seasons where you literally sit outside and watch how the world changes right in front of your eyes. Well, in New York at least. If you are from Florida you probably don’t have the same experience—which is totally cool, but it is a sight to see the snow melt and flowers bloom, and then watch the leaves change from green, red, orange, yellow and as a friend of mine once said: “fuchsia!” But, not only do we get to experience the world changing before our eyes, we get to see fashion change as well.

Going from summer to the colder days of November, it takes awhile for Fashionistas to adjust. When you walk into their closet and look at all the clothes hanging, folded or thrown around, you always pick up a favorite dress, skirt or short and think “Is it too cold to wear this?” Well, it probably is! But, if you are an inventive Fashionista there are ways around it!

This Fashionista has the perfect ensemble for fall! She sports an orange maxi dress that she tied up on the side to make a midi dress. I thought that was a super creative way to showcase her Dr. Martens’ laced-up high boots. To add a bit of jazz to her outfit, she adds a dark colored paisley button-down shirt. Sometimes wearing a jacket can take away from the perfect outfit, but the Fashionista’s simple black zip-up doesn’t cover up the paisley print that must be seen.

I think this Fashionista took fall’s beauty of change to a whole other level with her fall ensemble!

One Simple Change: If after class you decide to go out with the girls, one simple change to this outfit would be to switch the high boots to a pair of high heeled booties.