November 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Winter is just around the corner and as we begin to transition our wardrobe, it can be difficult to figure what to wear for that awkward temperature. Some days, it may be sweater weather and on others, it may feel like shedding a layer or two is completely necessary. Whatever the season may bring, staying trendy is vital!

The first thing I consider is always layers. With those weekdays full of morning classes, there is no chance of getting away with a simple button-down because it is going to just be far too cold. I always suggest a warm vest, like the one on this Fashionisto. Not only will you still be able to see the bottom layer and the lovely fall colors, but it is also not a huge jacket that will end up being a hassle to haul around mid-day when it begins to warm up.

The best thing about this look is the way that he mixed these lovely fall colors to all blend so well. The classic style in the watch and messenger bag is a perfect fall look and really brings in the festivities that are soon to come!

One Simple Change: Because this preppy, fall look is more geared towards the daytime with the lighter colors, one simple change from day to night would be to toss the light khakis for a navy or darker khaki. This will allow the overall ensemble to carry into the nightlife for a night on the town or to the fun socials that we all love!