October 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Although fall is my favorite season, I loathe those few transition weeks where you start your day cloaked in your favorite hoodie with a warm caffè americano in hand and leave your last class yearning for a refreshing iced coffee, thinking “MY GOODNESS, WHEN DID IT GET SO HOT OUT?” Can anyone else relate?

I also have attachment issues when it comes to retiring all my summer clothes and accessories. I relish the feeling of royalty that rich mustard yellows, olive greens and deep maroons give me, but putting away all my bright colors feels like the summer party fun is officially over. To me, vibrant colors fill the playful void that jewel tones just don’t satisfy.

I get seriously bummed during this time of year, that was until I met this month’s Fashionista! Luckily she can serve as inspiration for working your bold summer items in a subtle way that can actually combine with the darker colors of your fall and winter wardrobes!

It’s recommended that if you do intend on giving your summer brights a cold weather appearance that they be combined with neutral shades. Our Fashionista set a wonderful example by wearing a colorful button-up under a gray sweater and pairing some bright blue loafers that contrast tastefully against her black pants. There’s a few of us Fashionistas (myself included) who have a tendency to go overboard with the accessories. But over the years, I’ve come to learn that it’s more about quality than it is about quantity. This Fashionista has definitely given me an idea of what my next accessory splurges will be!

I’ve always stayed true to my belief that the most important fashion investment a person can make is in a quality watch; It’s functional, professional and keeps you from pulling out your phone at inappropriate times. Although my personal dream watch is from Michael Kors (this featured model is the exact shade as our Fashionista’s and for each watch purchased, the World Food Programme will donate 100 meals to impoverished children), Fossil is renowned for the top-notch quality of their watches and leatherware.

The second most important fashion investment? A pair of quality sunglasses. Our Fashionista wears a classic gold frame aviator style that’s revamped with currently trending blue-green polarized lenses. The only other accessories that our Fashionista wears are a single unique ring and minimalistic earrings.Keeping these tips and our Fashionista in mind, you don’t have to stash your beach party wear just yet! The trick is to rethink how to work them for fall.

One Simple Change:  Considering Northeast Ohio’s notoriety for unpredictable weather and Kent’s many hills, it’s probably best to have comfier options that fare better for walking to class/ coffee runs/ enjoying the beauty that is KSU’s tree-abundant front campus during the fall. Whether you’re a Vans aficionado like myself or have been committed to your Converse high-tops since middle school, both options work for practically making any outfit more adventure-ready. Playing it up with some fun socks doesn’t hurt, either!