October 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall fashion is my favorite part of starting a new school year. Everyone is in their new clothes looking their best for classes. At Columbia College Chicago the latest trends can be spotted along Michigan Avenue. It’s like a fashion show in real time. I can’t get enough! Inspiration is all around us, but it is never as apparent to me as it is this time of the year. People are excited, motivated, positive and ready to work. This all comes through with the way they present themselves, and their fashion choice is a huge part of that.

I’m always impressed with the students that come to class day after day dressed to perfection. I love fashion, but I need my days of yoga pants and sweatshirts. It gives me a chance to recharge. Some people I guess are just always ready to go, or at least they fake it really well. I’m envious of these people, and this Fashionista is one of those people.

Besides seeing her around campus occasionally, I also had a prior class with her, and I’ve never once seen her not on her fashion game. Her outfit, once again, caught my eye right away. The black fedora is just the statement piece I’ve been craving for this coming season. It can instantly make any simple outfit look fashion-forward. Then there is the super fun cheetah print backpack. Normally I’m not a huge fan of the animal prints, but this bag really does it for me. The gold bangle is also just the perfect piece to add to this minimal look. It gives it a little more interest without taking away from the clothes.

One Simple Change: To take this fall day look to a nighttime concert, all you have to do is switch the backpack out for a cross-body bag and lose the sunglasses since there will really be no use for them with no sun!