October 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

There is a funny sensation occurring outside in Florida. The morning brings air a little crisper and the breeze a little chillier. Could it be the mark of a change of seasons? If the leaves on palm trees could turn the color of our oranges, it might be a quicker indication. Nonetheless, I believe it’s time I find a little style inspiration for the oncoming season of fall.

In Florida, we must be careful in dressing for the morning versus the afternoon. The morning will be around 60 degrees and lovely, while the afternoon will be about 600 degrees and boiling. With that in mind, layering is key. This Fashionista had just the right kind of elements to adapt to changes in temperature. She could throw on her jacket in the morning and still feel cool in the afternoon, with her loose-fitted white T-shirt and mom jeans.

I really enjoyed seeing a subtle nod to collegiate wear in her look. The Marc Jacobs spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection includes this Americana reminiscing. This specific look has a ‘50s drive-in/golfing vibe that I dig. There is a strong sense of nostalgia in her outfit. Starting with her quirky baseball cap as a refreshing reveal of personality. Her varsity-inspired jacket has great details that set it apart as a modern interpretation. The leather sleeves, perfect fit and contemporary color scheme make it a fall staple.

The best part about the resurfacing of ‘90s mom jeans is the almost zero contact with the legs they have. With the complete comfort and versatility—I now understand the mindset of all moms. Adidas is making a fashion comeback with their Stan Smith originals. They are sporty, simple and tie the look together. Throwing on a favorite white T-shirt and a brown belt was the best, minimal option.

Unfortunately, Florida’s weather will remain unpredictable and frustrating despite how we yell and rip off our sweaters. As we slowly sample some fall-like weather, we should look towards utilitarian sensibility, while incorporating cool trends. Maybe we will all become morning people after all.

One Simple Change: The bitter cold winter is finally upon you? Trade your short sleeve T-shirt for a basic sweater and throw on some knee-high socks.