October 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey friends, great news! Have you heard that in the beginning of the autumnal months—when the air is just starting to smell like the 8:00 a.m. coffee of sleepless fashion students and decaying leaves—a certain type of Fashionista-friendly weather blows in? It is an early fall mix of gusting winds and squirrel chasing, of countless campus fairs and sun-warmed afternoons—the perfect temperature for transitional pieces. Whether you choose to pair bare arms with covered legs, covered arms with bare legs, or any other interesting combination of layering, the temperate weather will allow you to embark on any sartorial adventure you can think of.

This Fashionista wastes no time in bringing back her fall favorites. She has paired an easy gray cotton T-shirt dress with a classic denim jean jacket for warmth. Her brown leather combat boots lace up the front and wrap around tweed accents for a cute stylistic touch. Seasonal burgundy is echoed in her floppy felt hat, nail polish and ankle socks which peek out from her boots. The thoughtful color choice evokes drama in an otherwise casual look. She adorns her hands with a wide variety of silver rings, each one as unique as she is. The addition of small details like these, helps create interest and character in her outfit. By leaving her legs bare, she balances her proportions well, remaining comfortable and season-appropriate. This girl will not be cooped up in her dorm room this weekend, she’ll be outside enjoying nature’s beautiful transition into fall.

One Simple Change: Wearing this to class? Take off the hat so as not to block the view of the person sitting behind you! Instead, try tying a silk scarf in a square knot around your neck. It will add style while still incorporating the important color value of a hat.