October 20th, 2015 at 2:10am

Just a month since New York Fashion week, and we can spot the hottest trends of the season on street looks everywhere. The influence is not gender restricted. Even though menswear fashion week is not here quite yet, we can still see this trend being adopted. One of the most predominant trends at moment is the use of leather. It has been used by an enormous amount of designers for their shows this year including Elie Tahari, Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel among others. For menswear, one of the most interesting collections this season was the fall 2015 Balmain collection. The brand, lead by Oliver Rousteing at the moment, added an exciting feel to the collection when they included leather with many different modifications in many of his looks. He included embellishments, details on the sleeves and heavy accessorizing to make his point of view known. Who said men’s fashion is not noticeable?

In the streets of St Andrews, I came across someone that embodied the Balmain vibe in an effortless way. The outfit consisted of a simple grey T-shirt, ripped skinny jeans, aviator sunglasses, adidas Stan Smith Shoes with green details and, the most relevant piece of the outfit, a leather jacket with detailing on the sleeves. This look captures Balmain’s edgy yet fashionable style. This look is also perfect for the weather we face in St Andrews. It is chilly but at the same time sunny, so we can look a bit out of place if we decide to go for the full winter look at the moment. This outfit is perfect for weekend wear or even just going to the library to study.

This season is an excellent opportunity to play with the trends of the moment. No matter where you live, you can always find a way to incorporate trends to your wardrobe. So, why not start with leather? It is timeless, edgy and adaptable to complement many different garments!

One Simple Change: This look is very versatile so little changes can make it perfect for any situation. An example would be switching the adidas shoes for a formal black oxford shoes. This would change this casual look to a formal one suitable for any date night.