You can’t decide whether to buy a hot or cold drink from Starbucks and walking to class could result in drowning in sweat or freezing with from the brutal fall winds along the way. It’s still the beginning of fall and the rocky transition between seasons can make it hard to determine what to wear that will keep you comfortable throughout the entire day. Lucky for me, I found this Fashionista maintaining perfect balance.

As we put away our shorts and step into our jeans it’s only appropriate that this Fashionista chose a vintage denim dress. Fall is an opportunity to start rocking any denim, but her taupe turtleneck and booties give it the appropriate autumn color palette. It’s also time to cover our summer toes, and because it’s not entirely too cold yet, an ankle boot paired with cute socks is the way to go.

Instead of settling for a solid overall look our Fashionista took her outfit the extra mile with lace detail on her Free People shirt and socks. Showing us that even the smallest accents make a difference, her gold-based accessories add to and complete the outfit without being too overpowering. Dressed with meaning, her Andie’s Initials necklace gives her look a personal touch that no trend could ever top.

One Simple Change: Although the season is officially fall, there’s no telling when a wave of summer heat could hit without warning. Don’t settle on making this a strictly fall outfit and wear a loose, sheer shirt instead. Keep the lace detail while giving your body a little more room to breathe!