October 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

It is official. You look at the calendar and the first day of fall is finally here. Here’s the trick: the weather is still very warm. The annual dilemma of wanting to embrace the fall season but not wanting to melt when you go outside has come.

Many times, us ladies run into the issue of being cold in the mornings, but feeling pretty comfortable mid-day. Or, there’s the opposite: our outfits are climate comfortable in the morning, yet we’re sweltering mid-day.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this! Various articles of clothing sold in the warmer months can be great summer-to-fall pieces. Fall is the season where you really have room to be creative. Summer fashions come easy, and throwing on a tank-top and shorts in the middle of 90 degree weather is a no brainer. The challenge comes when the meteorologist says, “Today, we’ll have a low of 60 and a high of 75.” Although, I’m sure you’d be reading this on your phone because who has time to watch the news in the morning?

Now you find yourself layering for the morning weather, and having a jacket to carry around campus the rest of the day. A jacket that just becomes an extra thing to keep up with along with laptops and textbooks.

This Fashionista didn’t let the rain, or humidity and chilly fall weather cramp her style! This subtle and thin, mint sweater is an awesome choice. It’s not too bold and not too heavy. The material and style offers just the right level of comfort to make it through the entire day, hot or cool. A simple skinny jean is a year-round must have. Dark-wash skinny jeans work with tanks in the spring and summer, and then make great transitions to fall and winter, paired with knee-high boots, booties and even flats.

Speaking of flats, let’s talk about the adorable leopard print flats that this Fashionista chose to rock! Her outfit screams comfort, yet still remains sassy and chic with the chain pendant draping over her sweater.

One Simple Change: The outfit transition from summer-to-fall doesn’t have to be stressful. Just take a cute summer tank top and add a thin neutral colored cardigan. Pair it with your dark skinnies, and those flats you bought from early June and you’re out the door looking oh-so-stylish.