October 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

The cold weather is setting in, and it is finally beginning to feel like fall. Though there are always a few students that desperately want to stick to the summer trends, there are definitely enough stylish Fashionistas around Ohio Wesleyan who are embracing fall with their perfect-layered looks.

This Fashionista captured the cute, cozy-chic feel that is absolutely perfect for the season. She is wearing a classic black shirt and leggings tucked into black knee-high boots. This first layer is a great base for the accessories on top. The next layer this Fashionista is wearing is a light wash drawstring waist utility jacket, which is perfect for a day that is a little chilly but not freezing. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but I love wearing jackets that are a bit longer than usual. I feel as though it justifies the “leggings as pants” faux pas. This jacket is also really nice because it is slightly oversized, but the drawstring waist gives the look a feminine touch.

The accessories are what really take this look to the next level. This Fashionista is wearing a patterned scarf with various shades of blue and a hint of golden yellow details. The scarf looks perfect with the jacket because the colors are muted, but they still complement each other very well. She also accessorized with silver jewelry. On her left wrist, she is wearing a geometric bangle that matches perfectly with the silver midi rings on her right hand. On her ears, she continues the geometric jewelry with two long tooth-like shapes dangling from the front and back of her first hole, a curved bar that begins in the second hole and a small silver cylinder in her cartilage. These silver geometric pieces give this Fashionista’s look an artistic edge that works really well for her.

One Simple Change: We all know that the weather isn’t always consistent, especially during the spring and fall. For those days when it is slightly warmer than usual, switch the leggings and boots for a pair of denim shorts and converse. That way, you can keep the stylish layering pieces without overheating.