Mini skirts, bell bottom jeans and peasant blouses—where have we seen these looks before? I couldn’t help but notice during this fall’s Fashion Week that all of these beloved trends from the ’70s were reappearing in full force. From Roberto Cavalli to Burberry, we saw fringe and suede all over the runway. Personally, I am so excited that these chic looks are coming back into style. It’s about time I can attempt to pull off some flare jeans or maybe even a trendy turtleneck here and there. But most importantly—suede. When I think of suede, my mind is drawn to Ralph Lauren creating a preppy look with bohemian suede handbags or suede vests that pair perfectly over plaid, but there are so many more ways to style suede. This summer is the first time that I had worn suede, trying out some camel suede booties paired with high-waisted shorts to Lollapalooza, and I loved it.

Another thing that was ran across my mind as I wrote this post was a movie that my mom begged me to watch with her this summer. A Star Is Born, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, one of her favorites from her teenage years which premiered in 1976. In my opinion, this movie showcases the epitome of ’70s fashion. If you have not seen it, take out your laptop, grab some snacks and watch it right now. I promise you will be in awe of the bold fashion choices in this movie.

I absolutely love how this Fashionista incorporated this suede skirt into her fall wardrobe. The gorgeous soft material of her camel colored skirt pairs well with her delicate v-scoop long sleeve top. The statement necklace complements the outfit perfectly without taking too much attention away from the suede skirt. The statement necklace adds enough glam and detail that no other accessories are necessary to add to this ensemble. As a recent purchase, this Fashionista knew that this skirt would be the must-have versatile piece of clothing for this semester (I just might have to borrow it). My favorite part of this outfit is how she created a classic ’70s look with the skirt, but she also pairs it with some very contemporary brown booties that are trending everywhere this fall.

One Simple Change: Once the weather gets colder, pair this suede skirt with a cozy sweater. The statement necklace will look gorgeous laying on top of the sweater and throwing on some black nylons and knee-high boots as well can give it a winter look. If you want to be adventurous, try some maroon nylons or even a denim collared long sleeve shirt under the sweater. Whether you want to look edgy, flirty or preppy, suede can do it all!