Warm enough to wear skirts, but cool enough to wear jackets—this is the perfect season for mixing weight and color in the materials you wear. During summer heat waves, it may have felt impossible to try layering, but now is the time to get back in the habit. This Fashionista’s look incorporates some of the best aspects of fall weather.

Because fall is between two very different seasons, the weather gives us the chance to wear a little bit of everything—within reason, of course. This Fashionista is very much embracing the best of the season with this look. The all-American denim jacket is a seasonal favorite, so it can look a little plain at times. That’s why I love seeing denim jackets with some special details like cool buttons, patchwork colors or in this case, texture. This jacket with suede around the collar and sleeves plays with contrasting materials in a small but impactful way. Little touches like suede, corduroy, fleece or shearling are great ways to pump up the classics.

The skirt here also shows a more autumnal type of floral print. With a dark backing and more deep, subdued colors, floral skirts have a place outside of the perpetually sunny spring and summer.

When it comes to accessories, you can never really go wrong with the ever reliable gold. It is a year-round necessity for any person of any style in any career path. Everyone needs to have at least a few good pieces of gold jewelry in their possession. A cuff bracelet and midi rings make a more youthful combination than the classic chain and earrings set.

One Simple Change: Maybe you’re spending more time inside, in the overly-air conditioned buildings on campus (or maybe you just prefer pants). Either way, for classes you might want to choose comfort and wear the dark floral print on a pair of pants. The denim jacket might help with the A.C., too.