Summer is slowly on its way out as fall is creeping its way in. We’re awkwardly in between seasons and we don’t know which one to dress for. Up here in North Jersey, we’ve been experiencing hot days with cool nights, or vice versa. Trying to figure out how to dress for such inconsistent weather can be extremely frustrating; you want to cover up for when it’s cool, while simultaneously staying cool for when it’s warm. This Fashionista figured out just how to dress for the awkward weather!

This Fashionista is ready to take on the drastically changing weather by layering. She is wearing a denim shirt over a spaghetti-strap tank top. The quarter-length sleeves and the light fabric of the denim shirt are a perfect combination for staying warm yet cool. She keeps the denim shirt open, making it easy to take it off if the weather gets too warm throughout the day. The tank top underneath is a nude-colored peplum with a lace pattern, giving the outfit texture. This Fashionista paired her top combo with a pair of torn white jeans. The ripped jeans keep the outfit casual and even allow for some ventilation. These bottoms are another piece of clothing that’s perfect for keeping covered but cool. The outfit overall is very light in color, giving off a summer-like vibe. However, she throws that vibe off by wearing dark-colored sandals and accessories to match. This contrast of colors represents the two seasons we’re stuck in between. The black sandals match the black crossbody bag, this creates great color flow throughout the outfit. This Fashionista polished off her look with some everyday jewelry, such as her watch and simple bangles. The jewelry also complements the gold chain of her bag, giving the outfit some shine and flare. This look is effortless yet trendy.

One Simple Change: Replacing the denim shirt with a black leather jacket will easily take this look from day to night. Pairing this outfit with a leather jacket will create the perfect look for a girl’s night out!