September 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Believe me, I know fall weather can get a little tricky. You never know whether it’s going to be a shorts and tank top kind of day or if you’re going to be breaking out the big coat that’s been stuffed in your closet for the past six months. With the weather getting chillier, it’s easy to just throw on some running shorts and a huge hoodie and call it a day, but this look is just as easy. This Fashionista is dressed for any type of weather change that the fall weather could throw at her, pairing an oversized cropped sweater with her favorite light wash denim shorts.

I am huge on comfort, and this Fashionista definitely captures that. The loose off-the-shoulder sweater is warm while also relaxed, and her jean shorts have just enough stretch in them so they are never restricting, yet are still fitted. She ties her outfit together with some strappy boho sandals and a Michael Kors rose gold watch.

This outfit is easy to do on your own. You can find an oversized cropped sweater anywhere, but personally, my favorite sweaters are from Urban Outfitters. Madewell has great denim shorts, always allowing the perfect amount of stretch so that you’re never wishing you were wearing your Nikes instead. Her watch can turn any plain outfit into a head turning one. The rose gold goes great with just about any outfit, and it adds something special to pull her pieces together.

One Simple Change: Too chilly for shorts? Swap the jean shorts for some high-waisted dark jeans. The jeans will keep you warm, and since they’re high-waisted, the cropped sweater won’t be too revealing.