Fall happens to be just around the corner. Still, being from Indiana, I know better than to think our hot summer weather will disappear so quickly. Surely, the temperature will jump from hot to cold on a daily basis, leaving us Fashionistas/os in dismay over what to wear. The solution to unpredictable weather as seasons are changing is simple, use layers. Layering items allows you to change your outfit just as quickly as the weather changes.

In order to create perfect layered outfits, I’ve created a list of fall must-haves. A leather jacket is a fashion staple and should be found in every closet. Leather jackets are a perfect way to make an outfit edgy and stay warm. Scarves are also perfect for fall. Scares are great because of the many different ways they can be worn and the different pieces they can be paired with. For example, you could wear an infinity scarf with a dress or with your leather jacket. Boots are also essential for fall. I’m currently obsessed with the over-the-knee boot and suggest that everyone jump on this trend. Boyfriend jeans and blazers are also great for the fall. The key is to pair items that complement each other, but also to be daring with your choices.

I couldn’t help but fall for this Fashionista’s look. She pairs a bright pink blazer with a simple black top. She also added a pair of distressed jeans and accessorized with a statement necklace. Overall, her look can easily be transitioned from day to night and is perfect for Indiana’s ever changing weather. She looks fabulous.

One Simple Change: If you’re looking to dress up your look for an internship, trade in the top and jeans for a simple black dress!