It is officially the fall season; however, here in the city, it feels like a weird mix of summer and fall. The mornings are chilly yet by the time you go out to eat lunch it’s hot. This type of weather could throw off what you wear, but this Fashionista knows a trick to dress for the bipolar weather—layers!

This Fashionista is ready to tackle the crazy changing weather. She is wearing denim shorts with a loose T-shirt and a cardigan overtop. The color combination of her clothes screams fall. The shorts are perfect for when the sun comes out and the cardigan keeps her warm during the breezy morning. Her olive T-shirt and lacey bralette make the outfit cute and casual. Her strappy sandals are perfect to walk around all day in.

If the weather by you is actually more like fall temperatures, then swap the denim shorts with some denim jeans. Also, add a cute scarf and some booties for a finishing touch. The scarf is perfect to protect your neck from the wind but can be easily taken off if it starts to warm up.

Layering is essential for this season because one day it might feel like winter and the next day it’s summer or it’s super cold outside but blazing inside. Layering will allow you to keep adding or keep subtracting clothes until you are comfortable.

One Simple Change: You were busy all day doing things and now you have no time to prepare for a date! Don’t worry, you can easily swap a few things to make this OOTD to an OOTN. Instead of a loose cardigan, wear a boyfriend blazer and change your jean shorts to skinny jeans. Now, you look great and are totally ready for that date night.