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September 21st, 2015 at 2:05am

Now that summer is slowly fading away along with our tan lines, it’s time we start clearing out our summer wardrobe and making room for that sweater weather! Fall is a time of new beginnings and festivities, so let’s get ready to turn over a new leaf for this new season! Don’t let the cold cause your style to hibernate. Allow your inner Fashionista to be as hot and zesty as that pumpkin spice latte you probably cannot wait to order from Starbucks!

As the temperature becomes colder, an easy way to keep warm is just by throwing on an oversized sweater. Sweaters are a major staple in anyone’s fall wardrobe. It is absolutely acceptable to wear a big, chunky sweater you probably would take a nap in or wear on a night in watching an episode of Friends. However, turtleneck sweaters are especially trendy this fall season and they are very ideal. Turtlenecks keep your neck nice and cozy so there is no need for a scarf or a coat, and we all know how layering can be quite uncomfortable at times. This turtleneck sweater is practical for almost any affair; whether you are apple picking, going to a football game or even walking to class!

This Fashionista perfectly depicts how fashion meets comfort as she wears this olive green, oversized turtleneck knit as a major fashion statement. She wears it with a pair of black, ripped jeans which gives this outfit a little taste off grunge. She also wears a pair booties. Booties are essential due to their comfort and style, and you can wear them with almost any outfit. To complete this look, she adds an edgy accessory. This fringe bag is what ties this whole outfit together! You will surely capture anyones attention with this striking bag. Accessories are extremely vital because they serve as accent pieces that ultimately define you. This outfit is super stylish and cozy. Get ready to take on this fall season with big, chunky sweaters. Don’t let the cold put a damper on your day. Stay warm and RAD!

One Simple Change: If you want to make this outfit more dressy, replace those ripped jeans with a pair of leggings. If a sweater is long enough, leggings are definitely a great idea! This will make make this outfit appear more sleek and balanced. To finish this look, switch those those booties for a pair of tall riding boots.