September 18th, 2015 at 2:10am

As I groggily reach for my iPhone in the morning to check the weather in order to dress appropriately for my daily trek across campus, nothing makes my heart sink more than seeing numbers above the 80s and 90s next to the tiny sunshine graphic. Don’t get me wrong, I love basking in the summer sun and getting my tan (mostly burn) on as much as the next person, but if we’re beginning our fall semester of classes shouldn’t we be allowed a tiny taste of crisp fall weather?

Though some of you northern Fashionistas/os are already lucky enough to get to wear your favorite chunky knit sweater daily, those of us in steamier temps aren’t so fortunate. Unluckily for us down south where the seasons all smudge together, the transition from summer to fall is equivalent to the awkward grow-out stage of the horrible bangs you got in junior high. A hefty chunk of the week is made up of gym shorts and tennis shoes to wick away the sweat, and any day that gives hope to cool weather usually turns sour (and sweaty) by midday.

So, my stylish friends, how does one dress for the weather of July with changing leaves and pumpkin pie looming in the near future? Take a cue from this Fashionista and bust out your favorite fall hues and fabrics…in moderation. Shifting florals from summery brights to a more muted palette is both seasonally and aesthetically pleasing! Careful not to jump the fashion gun; leave the heavy sweaters and long-underwear for the months to come. Instead, opt for your usual summery tops. Anything sleeveless and flowy will keep you cool temp wise and style wise. Your favorite ankle boots peering at you longingly from your closet? Throw them on and accompany your kicks with some western-inspired or festival jewelry for a great transition look.

One Simple Change: Done with class and ready to head out with friends? Lucky for you, the weather may have cooled off just to your liking! Though you may still be tempted by your favorite cold-month sweaters and coats, throw on a versatile anorak with your daytime look and hit it with your buds!